Shanghai Education News:“Shanghai Urban Construction High-tech Industry Institute” was unveiled, the school and enterprise work together to cultivate professional talents

Date:2022-08-08 Views: 875


SUCC and Shanghai Dachang Copper Industry Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will conduct deeper exploration in terms of professional group and training system construction, so as to advance industrial transformation and enterprise development. At the same time, " Shanghai Urban Construction High-tech Industry Institute” was also unveiled. Both sides of the school and enterprise will jointly build teams, develop teaching resources, organize teaching implementation and teaching evaluation, so as to realize the talent training mode of co-education between the school and enterprise.

According to introduction, Shanghai Urban Construction High-tech Industry Institute is facing Shanghai industrial cluster to establish corresponding auto industry gathered in Jiading and auto parts factory featuring cluster culture of mechanical and electrical integration. In addition, intelligent manufacturing, automobile use and maintenance, industrial robots and other professional innovative technology talents are conducive to understanding technology, and know how to management with good marketing skills. At the same time, technical staff, who are good at communication and coordination, can solve the employment dilemma caused by industrial cluster of many enterprises.

During the construction, with different needs including on-the-job internship and training practice, both parties will put quality as top priority, and deepen diversified reforms such as order training and work-study model according to the content and requirements of professional teaching standards. A talent training mode featuring the deep integration of industry and education as well as the integration of work-study innovation will be established. In addition, two sides will also build a productive training base so as to enhance school-owned equipment and basic capacity.

"The talent training standards should be in line with the post needs of enterprises, the curriculum and quality students should be in accordance with the post requirements, and the needs of enterprises respectively, so as to advance the 'customized' talent training for industrial enterprises." Gan Aipin, vice president of SUCC, said that high-quality private enterprises such as Dachang Copper, whose development is driven by market demand, teaching quality and personalized education, will play an important role in improving the quality of vocational education by the organic connection of education chain, talent chain and industrial chain after entering the vocational education.

Fu Yueqin, chairman of Shanghai Dachang Copper Industry Co., Ltd, said that the lack of talents has always troubled the development of enterprises, and the establishment of Shanghai Urban Construction High-tech Industry Institute is of great significance to enterprises. "We are committed to cultivating intelligent manufacturing high-quality professional and technical personnel, and other applied talents who can meet the demand of industry and engage in research, design, development, construction, operation, maintenance, management. Integrated platform featuring 'production, school, research and application’ will be carried out so as to offer economic strength for the Yangtze River delta and Shanghai."

Xie Jun expressed, the level 4 researcher of Shanghai City board of education in vocational education, two sides put education as fundamental task, adhere to industrial innovation and development, and build modern industry institute featuring industrial trails, which is closely linked with industry. These efforts can further deepen the integration between production and education cooperation. More important, it can advance industrial transformation and upgrading for Shanghai science and technology industry, automobile and rail transportation, information, services, and provide high-quality technical personnel.

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