• Academic Programs

School of Civil & Transportation   Engineering

Engineering Survey Technology

Water Supply and Drainage Engineering Technology

Safety Technology and Management

Architectural Engineering Technology

Construction Supervision

Municipal Engineering Technology



School of Construction Economics &   Management

Construction Cost

Architectural Economy Management

Real Estate Management

Estate Management



School of Architecture Environment Art

Architectural Design

Architectural Ornament Engineering

Ancient Architectural Engineering

Art Design

Environmental Art Design

Restoration and Protection of Cultural Relics



School of Electromechanical Engineering   & Information

Construction Equipment Engineering

Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Technique

Construction Intelligent Engineering

Mechanical and Electrical Integration

Computer Application Technology



School of Public Management &   Services

Exhibition Planning and Management

Hotel Management

Social Work

Human Resources Management

Labor and Social Welfare



School of Health   & Social Care

Food Quality & Safety

Food Nutrition & Test


Medical Laboratory Technology

Health Management

Environment Engineering Technology



School of Economics & Trade

International Business


Chain Operation Management

Logistics Management



School of International Studies

Construction Project Management

Landscape Technology

Landscape Engineering Technology