• Sino-UK Cooperation

In 2018, as one of the sponsors of the China-UK Vocational Education Cooperation and Development Alliance (CUKVECDA), SUCC was selected as the vice chairman unit of the Alliance, and the president Ye Yinzhong served as the co-chairman.

As a vice-chairman unit, SUCC has actively participated in the long-term operation and management of the Alliance, promoted the Alliance’s experience and achievements on exchanges and cooperation to a wider scope, and advanced the win-win results and development of both China and the UK. SUCC has cooperated with British institutions in four aspects—jointly constructing professional programs, focusing on international teacher training, innovating talent training modes and advancing internationalization of school operation. By benchmarking international standards, SUCC has strived to achieve new results in vocational education exchanges and cooperation.

SUCC will adopt the CUKVECDA as a new platform to learn new ideas, resources and new methods, to train students and teachers with the international vision of management personnel, to create professional programs with international influences, and to comprehensively improve the overall level of vocational education in SUCC.