Opening Ceremony for the Seminar on the Belt & Road Infrastructure Construction for International Talents in Shanghai Urban Construction Vocational College

Date:2017-11-22 Views: 6196

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In the opening ceremony, Students Representative Aylan from Indonesia expressed his excitement, “China’s development speed is far ahead of many other countries, and I hope that, through the two-week seminar, we can get to know China’s advanced technologies and development concept, helping better develop our countries.”

Last for 15 days, the seminar is mainly based on infrastructure construction, which covers macro-environment, specialized courses, practical operation, project investigation and Chinese culture, etc. Students will know overall program knowledge and skills from planning, design, construction to operation and maintenance, and practically learn industrial leading technologies in green construction by taking advantage of the advantaged infrastructure construction in Shanghai. 

On-the-spot teaching in Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street and the Humble Administrator's Garden of Suzhou as well as practical production of elaborate Lu Ban Lock will be arranged, so that students from India, Maldives, Nepal, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vanuatu may enjoy the charm of China’s traditional parks and modern buildings.

The Seminar is jointly sponsored by Shanghai Urban Construction Vocational College, Shanghai Construction Engineering School and Shanghai Minhang Vocational Education Group. All of the 24 participants are management personnel and technical staff of government management department and project contracting enterprises for infrastructure construction in countries along the Belt and Road. The Seminar is also innovative in promoting foreign aid human resource development.

In the 44th World Skills Competition ended recently. Shanghai Vocational School won the gold medal for Chinese team; the 46th World Skills Competition in 2021 will be held in Shanghai, also the first time in China. For vocational education development, it is an exploration in actively participating in international competition and cooperation and cultivating high-quality application talents. The Seminar on the B&R Infrastructure Construction for International Talents is also a measure for schools and enterprises to jointly serve national strategy and boost vocational education internationalization, promoting and popularizing China’s advanced technology and standard through short-term order-oriented training, said by Chu Min, the secretary of the party committee of Shanghai Urban Construction Vocational College.